One of our main objectives is to host guests, providing them with an opportunity for intimate contact with nature, to take a break from the stress of modern life, have a taste of a simpler life and meals that are at the same time healthy and delicious.

To fulfill this objective, we run a 'pousada' where:

  1. The guest is invited to participate in our morning routine (yoga, relaxation and meditation);
  2. The meals are ovo-lacto-vegetarian;
  3. Your visit helps us to maintain our voluntary services.

The consumption of any meat whatsoever is not permitted at Lothlorien, including in private rooms. Alcohol is prohibited. Smoking areas are provided.

Our goal is for you to have a perfect stay. Reservations are essential, either by telephone or email.

By Telephone: +55 (0) 75 33441122

By E-mail: centro@lothlorien.org.br