Work Exchange

(Temporarily unavailable)

This is an opportunity for you to exchange part of the cost of your stay for work; you will also be able to have a taste of our way of life, our food, our work and our principles of living together.

The programme:

From Monday to Saturday you will spend your mornings working with us. This may include working on the land (vegetable garden, orchard, gardens), general maintenance, cooking, cleaning etc. Your afternoons are free, so is Sunday.


  • R$ 400,00 for one week;

These prices include accommodation and lunch 4 times in the week. Breakfast and dinner can be purchased or you can make your own arrangements.

Since there are some periods where this program is not offered, it is indispensable to make your reservation in advance.

Our Food:

  1. Is ovo-lacto-vegetarian.
  2. The consumption of meat is not permitted at Lothlorien, including in private rooms.
  3. White sugar and processed products can be consumed in your own room.
  4. Smoking areas are provided, we ask you not to smoke within or near buildings.

Where you will live:

  1. You'll share a house with other work exchangers.
  2. Here you'll organise your own breakfast and dinner, but share the lunch as a communal meal with the rest of the community.
  3. Your kitchen includes the equipment you need to prepare meals. We ask you to take good care of it for future visitors, the community and the world we live in.
  4. Cleaning your room is your own responsibility.
  5. Cleaning work for the rest of the house is shared with your fellow visitors.
  6. Part of the pleasure in your time at Lothlorien will be living communally with other like-minded visitors.
  7. Please note: our electricity system runs on 220 volts.

Other important matters:

  1. At the beginning of your stay you'll have a chance to share with us your expectations, and at the end, we'll review our communal experience.
  2. Before making a judgement or criticising, please take time to think it through, talk to others, ask questions...
  3. As we've said, the only communal meal is lunch. You'll therefore need to make arrangements for breakfast and dinner.
  4. You'll need to spend at least a week here to get maximum benefit, our longest stay is for four weeks.
  5. We keep prices to a minimum, covering only our own expenses. We welcome donations that will assist us in maintaining the premises and undertaking development work.
  6. We reserve the right to ask visitors to leave if they are not complying with our community rules, or their behaviour is unacceptable.

You're very welcome to stay with us,
we're looking forward to sharing a positive and creative experience.

Light and Love!